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Owned and operated by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Our team of licensed medical professionals (MD, RNs, EMTs) perform all procedures and services.

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Comprehensive, multi-phase approach to longevity and vitality.

Cutting-edge techniques & therapies

Treatments based on the latest research in cell therapy, anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

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Unlock your body’s innate healing potential with our revitalizing wellness therapies.


Radiate confidence and embrace your natural beauty.


Take your full athletic potential and push it beyond boundaries.

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My experience at Vessel Longevity + IV Bar ATX was great! The staff was very courteous and professional. The ambiance was very chill and comfortable, the TV screen kept me relaxed with beautiful views of places like Hawai. I am not fond of needles but the phlebotomist was top notch, I barely felt it. I got to try the Bio Charger and had an amazing rest of my day. I highly recommend it. Dr Emeka Ofobike, Jr. is a very nice doctor and I look forward to further improving my health and quality of life with his help.
Wonderful experience. Dr Emeka was very welcoming & friendly and made the experience very comfortable. The bio-charge machine was a new kind of device that changes your frequency & I left feeling very relaxed for several hours. I highly recommend this place
I had Dara deliver my Cold Kick IV and lip flip and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. The attention to detail, comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff were above and beyond. I will definitely be back here soon!
I SO enjoyed my session at Vessel! I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated — it was just what I needed! This was my first time experiencing an IV drip — I had the “Gainzilla” and also experienced the BioCharger which was really neat! Dr. Emeka and the team are so kind and thorough. I will definitely be back!
I just had my first ever IV glutathione infusion and it was great! The doctor and staff are warm, friendly, professional and very accommodating. I’m going back again in a few weeks. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone looking to optimize their wellbeing and get a boutique and personalized experience.

Many of us are experiencing an energy shortage at the cellular level, where it’s needed most because we’re blocked by nature’s vital energies due to our modern lifestyles. The average American spends over 93% of their time indoors, bombarded by man-made energies.

The BioCharger NG is the only health optimization platform designed to transmit energy that stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance. Healthy cells, healthy life.