3B’s: Brain, Body and Beauty

3B's: Brain, Body and Beauty

By Vessel Crew

In a market saturated with wellness ideology and rhetoric, what sets Vessel apart? Our approach is straightforward yet nuanced. Simply put, we view each client as they are, a distinctive individual with personalized strengths and targeted areas of desired improvement.

We begin your wellness journey by getting to know you at the molecular level and providing recommendations for treatments that are based on actual science and geared towards your lifestyle and wellbeing.

At Vessel Longevity, we’re committed to offering alternative wellness treatments at your behest and providing them at a metric that makes sense for you. Our reputation for excellence is punctuated by our ability to meet our clients where they are and provide comprehensive treatment that can be used in whatever capacity the client sees fit. Many of our clients find our services to be particularly helpful when compounded by the recommendations of their primary physician. In any case, clients have free reign to explore our services in depth.

With an incredible team, led by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, our clinic is consistently elevating what it means to provide impeccable care. As a full-service wellness provider, our job is to create and uphold a series of health treatments that keep you mentally and physically thriving by way of multiple alternative therapies and targeted treatments.

The 3B’s of Vessel- Brain, Body, and Beauty

Vessel Longevity operates from the notion that external and internal health are inherently and irrevocably connected. To further cultivate a sense of body and mind symbiosis, we’ve curated a selection of services that target your body as one distinctive system, offering solutions that focus on both interior and exterior health. This uncomplicated yet effective methodology stems from the idea that when you feel good you look good and vice versa. Furthermore, we’ve strategically created a categorical system that focuses on the 3B’s of health: Brain, Body, and Beauty.

By focusing on this trifecta, we seek to revitalize and effectively restore your system through various avenues. Regardless of circumstance, clients of all backgrounds will benefit from treatment that cuts out excess frills and focuses on gentle assertiveness. At Vessel, we’ve paired with industry veterans to bring trust and accountability into our body, beauty, and brain work. From weight loss solutions to hormone therapy to alternative treatments for joint pain and arthritis, we’re redefining what wellness means by treating the individual and leading them into solutions. As such, we always encourage our clients to stay proactive with their primary care provider and use Vessel services as a way to further bolster wellness.


Vessel has finely curated a menu of services that reflects the diversity of the body and its varied needs. Our staff are trained and well versed in understanding the underlying issues and treating the causes rather than the symptoms. Our exceptional offerings bring balance to your body and restore harmony in more ways than one. At our convenient on-site location, your search for IV Hydration near me, amongst other restorative services is over. Irrespective of what service you choose to retain from our menu, you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality treatment available.

Our longevity medicine clinic focuses on providing supplemental care for our clients in ways they deem most beneficial. The best part about working with our team is knowing we recognize each client as an autonomous being with their own aspirations, goals, and preferences when it comes to wellness. At Vessel, we’re all about leading with proactive communication to ensure your needs are always met and accounted for. When it comes to the body, we provide everything from advanced joint therapy to body sculpting Austin locals can customize to fit their specific long term goals.


In recent years significant strides have been made towards understanding the optics surrounding brain care and mental health. Taking care of your brain has natural ripple effects that extend to other portions of your wellbeing both physically and emotionally. As our body’s command center, a well-functioning brain plays a pivotal role in overall management and increased cognition. Our brain-building services and treatments keep your mind actively engaged.

By offering some of the most elite brain-building work available, we’re consistently making strides to significantly change the conversation surrounding cerebral health. With various options to choose from, we create a plan that accounts for your specific areas of improvement and aids you in achieving long-term homeostasis. When working on the brain, you will likely find an overall increase in your general wellbeing, however, depending on the therapy’s specifics, you stand to benefit from faster processes, decreased brain fog and better sleep.


Beauty is complex, and its categorization as a wellness derivative is sometimes controversial depending on who you ask. Instead of shying away from beauty and writing it off as merely frivolous, we recognize it as a multifaceted concept. Given the sheer influence of the beauty industry, we believe it’s a topic that should be discussed openly and transparently. We use beauty as a tool to inspire confidence in our clients, rather than promoting an overarching belief that beauty is the only avenue to achieve happiness with appearance. As with all of our services, your decision to opt-in is one without pressure.

Vessel handles beauty procedures with reverence and candor. As a company that values people above profits, our goal has been, and always will be, to pair people with procedures that benefit and honor the authentic self. True wellness is rooted in knowing your boundaries, and our customers are always enabled to pick and choose based on their preferences, with no pressure to ever invest where they’re not comfortable.

We treat beauty as we do any other body or brain procedure. As a decision that’s made based on your own volition. Our advanced options are a cut above others in the industry, celebrating scientifically formed methods that are safe and functional for daily life. Our beauty procedures inspire inner contentment through outer confidence.

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